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One of my most favourite things ever is a Japanese children's show called Aikatsu!
Aikatsu is a show about middle-schoolers learning to become idols and the activities they do together.
Here is the opening animation below:


Here are some idols I like the most:

Yurika Toudou

Yurika is an idol who plays a vampire persona. She is often strolling around school grounds carrying a parasol to protect herself from the sun and avoids eating garlic food in public view.

Yurika's catchphrase is "If you do X, Yurika-sama will suck your blood!"

Yurika's preferred brand is Loli Gothic which is a Cool type.

Her first Premium Rare dress is called 'Goth Magic'. This gothic style lolita dress befitting of a high-class lady amplifies Yurika's vampire persona with the bat motif.

Yurika's second Premium Rare dress is 'Nightmare Capricorn', a constellation dress for Capricorn.
The vines on the blue rose adorned wings alongside the bells on the skirt give the impression of a goat wandering around a hedge maze at night.

Ichigo Hoshimiya

Ichigo is the central character of the original Aikatsu series. Her family runs a boxed lunch shop and Ichigo loves to help out where possible on her 'off-days'.
Her goal is to become the best idol possible and overtake her idol senpai Mizuki Kanzaki as the top idol.

Ichigo's begins each episode with "My passionate Idol Activities, 'Aikatsu!' is starting!"

Ichigo's preferred brand is Angely Sugar which is a Cute type.

Ichigo's first Premium Rare dress is called 'Aurora Kiss'. The pink ribbons are reminiscent of a typical ballerina costume and the wings complete the angelic aura of the brand.
An evolved Legendary Premium Rare version was introduced in the Aikatsu on Parade series in 2019.

'Mermaid Pisces' is Ichigo's third Premium Rare dress which is a constellation dress for Pisces.
The dress has frills all over that float as if a fish swinmming. The materials shimmer as if reflecting light under water.

Elza Forte

Elza is an idol who debuted in the second season of the Aikatsu Stars series. She travels the world as the headmistress of her own school 'Venus Ark' in order to plunder the top idols of wherever she goes in order to polish their skills and her own even further.
Her ultimate goal is obtain the legendary 'Sun' Star Premium dress and be seen as the undefeatable perfect idol.

Elza's declares the following at the beginning of her performances: "For I am Perfect!"

Elza created her own Sexy type brand called 'Perfect Queen'.

Elza's first premium rare dress is the first of the Star Premium series, named 'Blooming Queen'. The crown, red skirt and jewels throughout declare the arrival of Royalty surrounded by rich flowers.

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